Yearbooks for sale!

Yearbook sales have officially begun! You can start personalizing your book as soon as you order!

Soft cover books: $17

Hardcover books: $25

PTA members and online shoppers save $5!

Order and submit photos for possible inclusion in the yearbook and/or end of year slideshow here:

Paper order forms will go home soon. Please note, yearbooks bought offline CANNOT be personalized. To receive the $5 discount you will need to include your PTA number on your order form.

The yearbook deadline is May 25, for delivery to the school on or before June 18, they are usually passed out after field day, when books are passed is left up to school administration/teachers.

Extra books will not be bulk ordered for onsite sales this year, please order before the deadline. If you would like a book after the deadline, you can still order and personalize, but you will need to pay shipping and the book will be shipped directly to your house instead of to the school.

**Cover contest deadline is May 1, 2018 - additional information**

The cover contest winner's art will go on the front of the book, all books will have this front cover. If you order online and don't personalize your book at all then the back cover will be the standard one that goes with the front cover. If you personalize your pages, but not the back cover... the back cover will be blank (white). Additionally, if you personalize pages, but don't personalize all 4, the unpersonalized pages will be blank.

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